Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss

The itchy scalp may be the main reason for hair loss. These are two major problems, the first related to scaling, itching, and the occurrence of cracks in the scalp, it is a kind of fatty eczema on the scalp, and this type of eczema or crusts is repeated, meaning it may disappear for a period or less intensity, and then reappear or irritation one more time. Itchy scalp and hair loss are the most common problems facing by people even children are facing the same. People because of hair care improper, bad eating habits and other factors, there will be scalp itchy hair loss, which for many people to bring a lot of trouble. Itchy scalp and hair loss how to fix it?

You can use effective medical treatments to get rid of this problem, such as Betnovate scalp application or Elocom lotion, once daily for 1-2 weeks, only as needed until the crusts and inflammation are eliminated, and then continue to use anti-dandruff shampoos once or Twice a week as needed, to keep the scalp healthy and free of crusts, and these shampoos species containing effective medical materials such as: ketoconazole or Selenium sulphide, and this method of treatment you can overcome and control the problem you suffer satisfactorily, and without side effects – God willing – and perhaps used by m The solutions, if effective and useful, can be used again, with short, intermittent use to take advantage of this treatment, without side effects as mentioned earlier, because these preparations contain topical cortisone.

As for the other problem related to hair loss, it is known that the hair in the scalp is in three stages: the stage of growth Anagen, the stage of Catagen latency, and the fall stage Telogen, about 90% of the hair in the scalp is in the stage of growth, so we do not feel the fall On a daily basis, but when any health problems affect the growth of hair follicles in an ideal way, they enter early in the latency and fall, and the period of early entry to the stage of latency, until the occurrence of precipitation, about 4 months, , Such as a severe diet, or a sharp rise In temperature (fever), severe bacterial infection, or surgeries, or birth, the precipitation is noticeable after about four months of the event caused by it.

If the hair loss is continuous and for long periods, there are other reasons, such as chronic diseases, thyroid diseases, unhealthy diets, lack of protein intake in meals, iron deficiency or lack of red blood cells, anemia, medication intake, stress and anxiety. , So you should take the history of the disease by a specialist doctor, and the signing of medical examination on the hair to confirm the type of hair loss you suffer, and asked for some tests related to the causes of hair loss, and correct and cure any problems, or diseases if any – God forbid -.

The type mentioned above is a type of hair loss called Telogen Effluvium, different from genetic baldness, treatment of the first type is to treat, or avoid the causes that led to the occurrence of precipitation, in addition to the use of certain growth factors hair such as: Anastim or decros for women, or vitamins and supplements Such as priorin n for a limited period of time, to help bring matters back to normal.

The following instructions are important in how to care for hair, and provide the appropriate environment for growth in the best possible picture for the nature of hair for each person:

Do a good job of hair cleaning:

In general, most people appear scalp itchy hair loss is caused by the accumulation of scalp fat, so the solution is to have sebaceous gland activity, and hair cleaning is one of the most basic methods, as far as possible not to use containing moisturizing ingredients Care products.

  • The correct way to wash your hair:
  • Do not use too hot water; wash your hair with warm water, the temperature at 30-38 degrees Celsius. First rinse the hair with water again, and then take a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand a little diluted with water to rub a lot of foam and then applied to the hair to clean.
  • Wash the hair using shampoos, avoid using soap of all kinds, with the washing, usually at a rate of two to three per week. Conditioner should be used with hair wash down, as it acts as a hair humidifier.
  • It is preferable to dry the hair lightly with the towel, preferably to be tangled with the fingers, and then the beginning of the teething using a tooth spacing from the bottom up, then use the brush at the end.


  • Correct hairstyle:


  • Do not put any preparations that contain alcohol such as gel, mousse, and hairspray on hair when styling.
  • Avoid individual hair with chemical creams, or by heating, as well as discoloration of dyes constantly, especially containing ammonia.
  • Avoid pulling hair while styling or using elastic hair bands or ties, especially tight hair bands and clips.
  • Combing hair too hard or long pan, tie a tight ponytail, will stimulate the scalp, increase oil secretion, increase the occurrence of dandruff scalp itches, will also speed up the hair off. Do not use sharp-tipped combs or nails when combing hair; gently massage the scalp with your finger pulp to promote blood circulation.


  • Shampoo with beer


  • Beer hops is a mulberry plant, containing rutin, bitter and other nutrients and many antibacterial substances, used to wash your hair, make the hair shiny and moist, the treatment of scalp itching, to prevent the Itchy scalp and hair loss also hair dry off.
  • Specific approach: wet the hair with beer, keep 15-30 minutes, while rubbing the scalp by hand, and finally with warm water can be cleaned.
  • Diet conditioning:

Itchy scalp and hair loss occurs, but also from the diet to adjust, to avoid eating too much fat, spicy food, and acidic foods, eat more good for hair health food.

  • Attention to healthy nutrition, it must contain an appropriate amount of animal proteins, vitamins, and minerals, and drink enough water a day.


  • 1, iron-rich foods, such as soybeans, black beans, eggs, fish, bananas, carrots and so on.


  • 2, vitamin E-rich foods, vitamin E can resist hair aging, promote cell division, so that hair growth, such as cabbage, black sesame seeds and so on.


  • 3, iodine-containing food, hair luster and the role of the thyroid is also related to the amount of iodine can enhance thyroid secretion, is conducive to the health of the hair. Like kelp, seaweed and other foods.


  • 4, black food, like black sesame, black beans, etc., can help prevent Itchy scalp and hair loss.


  • Exercise:
  • Pay attention to public health, exercise and exercise to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, avoid stress and anxiety, and take enough sleep daily.


Simple Remedy For Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss


  • Natural henna can be used without the addition of harmful substances, and the use of natural oils with olive oil if desired or repeated repeatedly, once a week to moisturize the hair and scalp, and also use the balm that rinses during bathing after shampooing of hair is important for moisturizing the hair, Currently types of balms that are left on the hair after bathing: Decros nourishing and reparative conditioner or Nutricerat serum.


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