How to teach kids to read and write

How to teach kids to read and write

How to teach kids to read and write? This is the question rise in every mother when her kid grows up and starts schooling.”Many of the mothers have been trying to teach their children since the early months of their lives to pronounce some letters and words like” Papa “or” Mama. “Then it develops to learn to read and write, This is a great effort for a mother, since a pre-school child can not learn on her own.

How do you do this? How do you help your child overcome this stage to read and write correctly and free from mistakes? How do you develop his skill in reading early?

There are answers you to this, and this article provides you with several ways to help you How to teach kids to read and write?including:

– Read to your child a story before going to sleep in his bed, even at a time when he can not fully understand the story, and make it a daily routine, as it will help him to pronounce and distinguish letters and words.

– One of the quickest ways to teach children is to sing a song of the alphabet and sing it with your child every day.

– Put in the corners of his room colored books that contain letters and numbers, the more he turned around him saw it, entrenched in his mind.

– Establish a strong friendship between your child and books by going to the library and make him choose what he wants stories to read to him at night.

– Follow the method of playing to teach the shape of the character, through the use of cubes to form characters, and can use putty for this purpose.

Reward him when he reads each word, then a sentence, then several lines. –

– One of the most beautiful ways to teach children to read on their own are storyboards and talking stories, which are available in libraries, where they train on hearing, and then read on their own.

– Use the correct pronunciation of the words when talking to your child, and correct his mistakes to get used to the correct pronunciation, there are many mothers do not pay attention to the mistake of children and leave them to pronounce the letters and words as they want to demonstrate, but know my dear mother that this will delay the child from reading Correct.

– Do not be hasty in teaching your child to read the letters, but slowly and loudly and clearly, so that your child can understand it well, and remember when reading again, and speak correctly.

– Repeat reading the story on his ears more than once, and make him talk about it in the classical language that I read it, and Donnie what he said, and then ask him to come back to read what he wrote, it will enrich his idea vocabulary, and helps him to read better every time.

– Reading time is not associated with a particular time or place. Reading is everywhere, even during bathing. For example, read the name of the shampoo and repeat the name of each piece of clothing you wear.

Dear mother, we recommend that you do not wait until school age for your child to learn to read and write. The earlier you read to him, the better your reading and writing skills.

Reading and writing is one of the most important things that must be taught to children, even before they enter school, so that they have a clear idea of the letters and words, and to facilitate understanding of the correct way to read and write, to increase their comprehension and to give them an idea of reading in general so that they love them and accept them passionately. This article will explain the main points that parents and educators should follow to teach children to read and write, so we will provide important information on How to teach kids to read and write during this article.

How to teach kids to read and write:

There are several ways  How to teach kids to read and write, the most important of which are:

The way of fragmentation: In this way the word is divided and divided into sections, in a neighborhood that pronounces all two letters together, for example: Mama, uttered: mama, so we teach the child to rewrite the word, and so on in the rest of the words.

Using spoken words: When you begin to teach your child to write or read, we first begin to teach him the words he uses frequently: Mama, Papa, where we use the writing system in a large and clear font with the use of cheerful colors.

The method of reading aloud: that the mother or father read a text aloud in the child’s hearing, such as reading the newspaper, which stimulates the child to imitate this method and to absorb as much as possible of the words he heard.

How to play: Many games can be played through which the child learns to read and write.

Linking pictures to words: Some images can be displayed on the child and the word is written down the image. The child draws the word through the image and learns it. The child can also draw the drawings and write down the words.

Method of hand: This way the child can be taught to write, where the father or mother holds the hand of the child and put the pen in his hand and move his hand to write, and thus learn to write.

Method of points: The father or mother writes characters without letters and then ask the child to punctuate, and ask him to rewrite the letter twenty times, so that frequent repetition teach the child to write.

Important tips:

Male children are slower to learn to read and write than female children, so parents will notice a clear difference between their child’s education and their child’s education.

Large plates can be brought with colored, drawn and picture-shaped characters. This helps to teach the child to read, write and spell quickly.

Parents can bring their children a tablet and ask them to write on it, or teach them on the Word or Paint program on the computer.

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