How to stop hair from falling out 

how to stop hair fall from falling out

The cycle of depression and anxiety can hit you if you are facing a period of hair fall; it makes everything more badly than ever. And instead of dealing with this hair fall stress you keep asking to yourself that why my hair keeps falling out in such huge amount. This often leads you to point out major factors that trigger hair loss.For some extent it is true, there are many common factors that lead to excessive hair shedding. So determining the cause and then worrying about it won’t make things easier and simpler for you but instead, they will make the situation worse.Below are described few main reasons and what steps to be taken to how to stop hair from falling out.

How to stop hair from falling out in shower:

The most people who complain about hair fall say that they experience it the most during the shower. Women have higher strands of hair so even just a smaller amount of hair fall looks gigantic to them. Well hair fall during shower is something which every one of us experience, but there are few measures which should be adopted to gather knowledge about how to stop hair from falling out.

If you are experiencing excessive hair fall shedding than here are the few steps to seek to stop hair fall in a natural manner and also by adding some more nutrition to your supplements.

  • Using a mild and gentle shampoo is one way that can prevent hair fall and also can maintain the health of your scalp. Harsh and chemical filled shampoos take away the natural oils and shine from your hair and scalp leaving you with more hair fall and dull looking hair.
  • A conditioner made from natural ingredients can help you looking or storing the natural moisture of your hair, an under conditioned hair will become dry and brittle that triggers hair breakage, so you need to make sure that you hair are well conditioned and hydrated in order how to stop hair from falling out
  • Avoid using big towels to cover and dry your hair, let your hair be air dry, heavy towels can cause friction leading to breakage.

Stress another major cause behind hair fall:

Stress is one major reason behind hair fall, this is the common reason of hair fall in both genders, and stress disturbs the hormone level of your body that leads to imbalances and thus hair fall. Stress cans also lead to poor diet and poor sleeping habits that also triggers hair fall. So here are few steps to how to stop hair from falling out.

  • Exercise helps in reducing the level of stress, it keeps the cortisol level under control, it also helps you in staying in good mood.
  • Nutrition is one very important factor that can help you in keeping your hair from falling out. Good minerals and vitamins are necessary for healthy growth of hair. Stress has its own side effects which shall be dealt with by taking good healthy fruits and vegetables.


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