Hair always stands a charming look to one’s personality. People are fed up now of trying various products available in the market to make hair soft easy and fast. Searching the stores and to opt the chemical based products is the end of the story of every girl. Even when a black mark at the product pack shows that this is all full of chemicals still they are willing to use them. After some time one ends up with all the more dead hair without having any beneficial results. The way we need oxygen and food to live same is with the hair as they too need to respire in open oxygen then people suffocate them with these tons of chemicals. So only best way is to have a hair friendly natural method to provide them oxygen and life-giving requirements. This can be time-consuming but it surely would be lifelong. This is how to make hair soft naturally and in more healthy way.

how to make hair soft


Honey is thought to be the best remedy for any kind of ailment then why ignore it for scalp issues. A perfect moisturizer for hair makes hair soft. Honey kills the bacteria and makes them dandruff free as dandruff is caused by bacteria and other microorganisms.


Now comes the proper way to use honey which is as dictated. Take a bowl and then pour 3 tablespoons of honey with one and half of lemon juice with one cup of Luke warm water. Mix it until it becomes a proper mixture. Then apply it on your scalp for half an hour before taking bath. Make sure to do this at daytime else mixture will start tripping down the shoulder if not rinsed on proper time.


Always avoid using too hot or too cold water for washing hair. It leaves no healthy effect to hair. Don’t know why women feel awkward to apply hair oil. Applying oil to hair has some miraculous effects on hair one can imagine. Some of the best oils available in the market are coconut oil and almond oil along with olive oil which gives a powerhouse to hair. One should always take precautions in choosing a shampoo for one’s hair. Chemical free herbal shampoo is apt for every woman aspiring how to make hair soft. Above mentioned mask works as best conditioner ever for hair.

Choice of food;

Food rich in protein is the best option for hair e.g fish meat, almonds nuts banana and food rich in vitamin E are the only choices for the answer to the question as for how to make hair soft? Processed and junk food has got nothing to do with heath if not for healthy hair. Even then if all this let one feel a burden on one’s nerves as can’t get a time out of busy routine to take care of all the things, then here is another great mixture for how to make hair soft.

protien enriched food


Black and even green tea do miraculous jobs for shiny, fast and easy hair. Apply it on the scalp and then rinse it with plain water leaves hair do the talking.

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