How to get hair dye out of hair

How to get hair dye out of hair?

Most of the times it happens that the hair dye or hair color do not draw out the way you desired or the results are opposite to your expectations. The color does not turn out as you wished it to be. In such case, the hair dye must be removed from hair immediately. Also, the new changing trends make people to get hair dye from hair and go for new hair dye as suggested by new hair dye ideas, hence following the new trend. Fortunately, there are various ways and ideas one can try in order to remove hair color or hair dye from hair.

How to get hair dye out of hair?


Various methods are used to deal will the unwanted or opposed results of the hair dyes. In short, many methods are used to get hair dye from hair, and one must always remember that these methods only work if they are tried on an urgent basis, without any delay, as soon as the hair have been dyed. These methods work best on the dyes which are semi-permanent. These methods include;

  • How to get hair dye out of hair via shampoo?

Sometimes the hair shampoos are used to get hair dye from hair. All you need is a dandruff shampoo Dandruff shampoos are relatively less heavy than any other hair shampoo.


how to get hair dye out of hair
shampoo to remove hair dye

The second step is, latch on to some baking soda. Don’t get confused with baking powder as the wrapping of the both are mostly same. The baking soda is not the bleaching agent and does not work on hair as the baking soda does.

What you have to do is, mix the dandruff shampoo up with a little baking soda. Mix it well and make a solution then apply the mixture to your hair and shampoo your hair well.


Leave it for few minutes. After that wash off your hair thoroughly so the color comes out of the hair.

This method works more efficiently if the hair is dyed freshly.

  • How to get hair dye out of hair Using Dish Soaps?

Some people often use the dish soaps to get hair dye from hair.

how to get hair dye out of hair
dish wash to remove hair dye.


What you are required to do is make a mixture of your shampoo and the Dish soap. Add a few drops of the dish soap and the routinely used shampoo in some bowl or container. Mix both items well. Apply the mixture on the hair and rub the soapy bubbles well so the dish soap pervades into the hair intensely.

Rub the lather for few minutes at least. You must always keep in mind that the soapy lather of the dish soap makes your hair very dry if it is applied on hair for a greater time. Hence, you must rinse your hair urgently after a few minutes, the hair dye or color will come out of the hair after a day or two, as the results aren’t quick. Once you apply this method the hair dye stars to dim and loses color. And you will notice the change in a day or two.

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