How To Curl Short Hair With Flat Iron


How to curl short hair with flat iron

Having short hair???

Bored with??

Always thinking to give them new style?

Short length hair is not the problem to give them style but it’s true that short lengthened woman looks cute and younger than a long one. Short hair can manage easily and always take less time to be ready for any occasion. There are a lot of ways to curl short hair but the most popular way is to curl with the flat iron. But the first question occurs in mind that HOW TO CURL SHORT HAIR WITH FLAT IRON ?


A flat iron is actually the straightening iron, has flat ceramic or metal heated plates that are designed for fizzy and damaged hair to make them straight and smooth.


Before starting to be careful to use it in a safe way.

  • Don’t use the flat iron more times when you have done once because repeated use of it can be damaged your hair.
  • In the market, there are a lot of products with high temperature so the choosing the right iron is very important.
  • Keep the hot iron plates away from your face and ears.


Although there are the many different ways to curl short hair among them the most popular and quick way is the flat iron it is not only for straining hair but it is the best tool to curl your hair fast. There are some basic steps mentioned below to curl your hair super fast.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that your hair should be clean and dry at least 1 day old washed hair is the best to curl the hair because curl stays more fast and easy as compared to hair which has just been washed.
  • Use Heat Protecting spray before ironing because spray will help you to protect your hair from damage and dryness.
  • Choose the right iron, the mini thin iron is good for short hair then a wider one. The thin iron will make more curls and easy to handle the short hair.
  • The most important thing is to set the temperature of the flat iron the temperature mostly depends upon the thickness and texture of your hair thick hair mostly requires around 420 °F whereas thin hair needs the low temperature around 320 °F.
  • Section your hair in many sections use one section to curl and pinned other section carefully so that they will not irritate you doing the process.
  • Take one-inch segment or less as you desired less section will make tight curls.
  • Brace the straightener onto the hair and afterward curve, so the hair twists around the straightener itself.
  • Next, pull it slowly through the hair so that the curls can become firmer.
  • Do some curls on one side and then start to another side to so that, it looks even
  • Now do the same process to the remaining hair.
  • The final thing is to set your hair if want loose curls finger your hair sometimes as you want or if you want the tight curls then you are all done. Spray your hair lightly to set the curls for a long time.

These are some easy steps HOW TO CURL SHORT HAIR WITH FLATE IRON fast at home and you are ready to go to the party and enjoy the new look.


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