An important mentioning to one’s personality is one’s hair, especially in women. To look trendy and fashionista is what longs for every other woman. So perfect way to have an awesome look for summer is always short hair. Short hair never goes out of fashion however curls, waves, bangs are in fashion or whatever extensions companies offer. In 2018 various trends in hair colors are getting more and more into spice up one’s personality. Some of the hair color ideas for short hair are as under.


Copper red color remained the hottest trend for a long time. This is still in fashion in 2018 especially in short hair with front flicks is the best option to be in a party, wedding, whatever occasion this summer. Let’s have a look at this funky color trendy look with short waves which is a perfect match.


hair color ideas for short hair
hair color ideas for short hair

Dark red is another amongst best hair color ideas for short hair. Dark color looks sober and unique yet trendy.It is almost for every age group starting from teen to mid-age and to 5o’s. This color with The-Textured-Bob cut looks even more enchanting. It gives healthy look to the face. So a perfect hair color idea for short hair.


This two-colored is one of the most disparate and colorful ideas in hair color ideas for short hair. An upper area of hair in the original black shade and lower area of her hair in blonde look or vice versa is getting girls crazy with so different furniture of her fancy.Never miss noticing such shades if one wants to be in touch with what’s going on in the fashion world and what is on top most priority list among fashionable people.

  • Some more cool colors

Some more cool hair colors are more captivating bright hair in trends. Among these are purple, stylish blue hair, blonde, bright grey. By the way, undercut blonde gives more of a Hollywood kind of look. Girls and women with white hair color wearing them in an inverted bob are more common to behold now in 2018.


Blonde hair color with pixie style cut is most convenient to wear in 2018, easy to handle at the workplace and so relaxing at morning without least tension of how to wear them.

Blonde is such a vibrant hue with a lot of shades that it is almost common to see in every other girl completely or partially with some waves or fully.


So determined to have some more hair color ideas for short hair? Then must try this pale purple hair color which gives a dark hair look especially indoor but a bright look when in open area under bright sunshine.


Highlights with pastel hair color along with grey gives a girlish look to a drab look and when that is for short hair it would be more of a spellbound kind of look one always longs for.


Go and have this color added to the priority list of hair color ideas for short hair before the further delay. But before trying it make sure it seats well on hair otherwise hair is discolored and if not blended well looks ugly.

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