Easy Braids for long Hair

It’s true that long hair has more benefits compared to short hair but Long hair sometimes irritates, actually when you have to attend a party in summer. In summer you want an awesome look to attend a party. Long hair braid ideas can solve your hairstyles tensions for summer look it also looks decent for a party and for your job.I also have long hair I was unhappy with but when I tried new hairstyles and curls in them I was very glad about the new styles I had. Women with long hair want new style but it’s not easy to handle long hair. I try my best to suggest Easy Braids For long Hair.

One problem with long hair is how to do good hairstyles also that it needs someone’s or hairstylist to style hair. Now your problems will no more in this post I will explain you all! How you can do it yourself braids hairstyles. It just needs Practice Practice and Practice and you all done!

There I want to tell you the names of Easy Braids For long Hair basically there are 4 types of braids. That I will explain you and once you learn these basic braiding techniques, you can do so many different braid and so many.

  • Simple or lace Braid
  • fishtail Braid
  • Dutch Braid
  • French Braid



How to make a simple braid

To make a simple braid you need following steps to follow.

  1. First, of all, you need to brush your hair softly throughout your hair but make sure that your hair not very wet if it is then dry your hair and brush it because the braiding impressions will remain on wet hair you may just lightly spray your hair before braiding.
  2. The second thing you have to decide is where to place braid? Because placement is very important. (Tip: If you are beginner try to make side braid first to practice it’s easy to handle).
  3. Divide hair into three equal sections.
  4. Keep one section on your left, one on right and one in the center.
  5. Hold the first section between the thumb and the forefinger.
  6. Hold another section with another hand in the same way.
  7. Take left section and roll it over to the center section.
  8. Now take the right section and again roll over to the center one.
  9. Once you do that you will see the braid happens.

Just do roll over to the middle section and at the bottom tie it with the rubber band or with the decorated hair bands.

how to make a simple braid

How to Make A Fishtail Braid

This braid needs two equal sections of hair.Hold each section tightly. You need to wrap your entire hand around it and then you need your hand up as close as possible to the top of the braid as you can get.

  1. Pierce, and by doing that you are going to create the small sections that will transfer over later.( Tip: you can either pierce it with your finger or thumb)
  2. Now do that on the outside of your section the outside section is the furthest away from the center of the braid.
  3. Grab, with the right hand, now over the little section into the other section.
  4. You need to slide your left hand down.
  5. Now Transit to the other side.
  6. Pierce again on the outside of your section.
  7. Grab your both section tight to the base of your braid.
  8. Just do pierce, grab, slide, reset.

And there you go the Fishtail Braid.

easy braids for long hair

   How to Make a French Braid

  1. First, pick up a hair section from the top of your hair.
  2. Then split into three equal portions just like a simple braid.
  3. Cross the right one strand over the middle strand.
  4. Then cross left one strand over the middle strand.
  5. Continue to do this process only different is that you have to add hair from the side of your head.
  6. When you run out the hair then continue with the simple braid without adding any hair.
  7. At the end saves your braid with an elastic band.

(Tip: if you want to attend an occasion with that style then you can add some decoration to your French braid like flowers beads etc you will look very trendy with that)

easy braids for long hair



How to Make A Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid is actually the updated version of a French braid. To begin this simple Dutch braid you need these steps.

  1. Brush all of the hair back away from the face. You can spray it with water or hairspray just to tame any flyaways.
  2. Part of a section from either side of the forehead with fingers, to make an initial section.
  3. Split it into three equal parts, and then instead of crossing it over the top like a regular braid or a regular French braid cross it underneath, and put this side in the middle (right side), and then do the same thing on this side, and cross it under the middle. After you have done one stitch, pass this side under, grab it with a finger and pull hair from this side and add it to it, and comb it down with fingers, and do the same thing on the opposite side.
  1. Pass it under and pull in hair, just like any kind of French braid.
  1. You can use a comb to smooth this out or just your fingers.
  1. And then just continue, pass that underneath, pull in hair from this side, add it to it, smooth it down, and continue on.
  2. Pull in the very last section of hair, so to add those in, and keep the braid close to head, make sure you pull the braid in tightly when you are doing the last sections.
  1. Don’t pull all the little hairs, but keep it close to the head and then just continue your braid down.
  2. When you almost down to the end of the braid come up here and hold on to the end, and pull this out. Take either side of the braid, and just pull. This is what gives it the big loose effect. The looser you braid it, the more volume and size you will get as well. Once you have it you like, put in your elastic hair band, and you are done! This is our Pulled Dutch Braid.





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